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Transfer to new server: MPR Chill's current server will be depreciated on November 30th. Our new server is now on the air and fully functional. However, the unfortunate consequence is the new stream address will need adding to your bookmarks and media players. It also means streaming platforms will need updating, which will take time.

The new stream addresses are as follows:

128kbps mp3 -
64kbps AAC  -

From European servers this channel is musically bias towards Downtempo, Lounge, Chill, Chillstep, Lofi and Future Bass. Provided in two streams of 128 kbps mp3 and 64 kbps AAC+. It gives near CD quality audio which sounds great on the home sound system or even better through good quality, full frequency headphones.

Above each audio player to the right is the stream ip address, to use a player of your choice on your PC or mobile, simply copy and paste the ip into your player.

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Android app under development. This app is only available from us, it's simple, gives access to the whole website and will not need updating.

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Artemis Dawn by Cosmic Cadence

Cosmic Cadence - Artemis Dawn - Cover blog
Cosmic Cadence - Artemis Dawn - Cover blog

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