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Magnificent Desolation


We apologize for the lack of players and live data on our website. This is due to the repeated down time our server provider is experiencing. All streams are currently active and can be listened to via your own media player using the stream ip's we provide. You can also listen via other platforms such as Tunein and Shoutcast.

Moon Phase Radio brings to you ambient music 24 hrs a day.

With three streams of different audio format you can listen to MPR at home, work or on the move.  MPR is a great way of distancing  yourself from this busy planet and experiencing the calm of Mare Tranquillitatis.

You can listen via most Internet platforms such as Shoutcast & Tunein.

For Best Results - Plug the headphones in, sit back relax, close your eyes and drift off to another dimension!


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In honor and reverence to NASA and all who worked on the Apollo Program.

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • William Anders
  • Neil A. Armstrong R.I.P
  • Alan L. Bean
  • Frank Borman
  • Eugene Cernan
  • Roger B. Chaffee R.I.P
  • Michael Collins
  • Charles (Pete) Conrad, Jr R.I.P
  • R. Walter Cunningham
  • Charles M. Duke, Jr
  • Donn F. Eisele R.I.P
  • Ronald B. Evans R.I.P
  • Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom R.I.P
  • Richard F. Gordon, Jr
  • Fred W. Haise, Jr
  • James B. Irwin R.I.P
  • James A. Lovell, Jr
  • James A. McDivitt
  • Edgar D. Mitchell R.I.P
  • Stuart A. Roosa R.I.P
  • Walter M. Schirra, Jr R.I.P
  • Harrison H. Schmitt
  • Russell L. Schweickart
  • David R. Scott
  • Alan B. Shepard, Jr R.I.P
  • Thomas P. Stafford
  • John L. Swigert, Jr R.I.P
  • Edward H. White, II R.I.P
  • Alfred M. Worden
  • John W. Young