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Magnificent Desolation

On the morning of the 21st July 1969 man first stepped onto the Moon. 50 years ago at 03.56 BST Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on another planetary body, shortly followed by Buzz Aldrin while Michael Collins stayed in Lunar orbit.

That day 50 years ago changed Humankind's perception of our planet forever.



Moon Phase Radio brings to you commercial free Ambient music 24 hrs a day.

MPR commenced broadcasting on 1st January 2010. With our high capacity European server Moon Phase Radio serves Planet Earth and beyond.

Our Ambient music is a great way of distancing  yourself from this busy planet and experiencing the calm of Mare Tranquillitatis.

You can listen via most Internet platforms such as Shoutcast & Tunein or use our radio player on the right hand side >

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In honor and reverence to NASA and all who worked on the Apollo Moon Landings.


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